Our Partners

Eight strong partners have created the LebensPhasenHaus, another nine supporters are currently represented in the house and several partners will follow in the future.

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
72074 Tübingen

Tel. 07071 29-0

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

The University of Tübingen was founded in 1477 and is thus one of the oldest universities in Europe. Around 450 professors and more than 4,000 scientists teach and conduct research at the university's seven faculties. In addition, around 28,500 students from Germany and abroad are currently enrolled. The university is one of the eleven German so-called "Universities of Excellence". Excellence in research and teaching reflects the broad and interdisciplinary spectrum of the university.

The University of Tübingen also contributes this disciplinary diversity to the topic of "demographic change". It is one of the university's central cross-cutting themes and fits in perfectly with the university's leitmotif: "Research - Relevance - Responsibility". This is because demographic change poses new challenges to societies both in Europe and worldwide, which are associated with both risks and opportunities. And for science in particular - the topic encompasses medical, social, ethical, natural and cultural science as well as economic and political issues.

Scientists from various disciplines have come together at the University of Tübingen in an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental platform called HELP (Helping the Elderly to enjoy Long comPlete lives). HELP also coordinates the university's activities in the LebensPhasenHaus. The three speakers of the HELP initiative underline the interdisciplinarity of this approach: Prof. Dr. Udo Weimar (Institute for Physical Chemistry/Faculty of Science), Prof. Dr. Gerhard Eschweiler (Geriatric Centre/Faculty of Medicine) and Prof. Dr. Daniel Buhr (Institute for Political Science/Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences). Together with their working groups, they have already realised many joint projects on demographic change in the past, and their experiences are now also being incorporated into research in the LebensPhasenHaus.

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Verband Garten-, Landschafts- und Sportplatzbau Baden-Württemberg e.V. 
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Tel. 0711 97566-0

Association for Horticulture, Landscape Gardening and Sports Field Construction Baden-Wuerttemberg

Experiencing the coming and going of the seasons intensively, sowing and harvesting, observing birds and other animals, all this is beneficial for body and soul, no matter at what age.

Intergenerational gardens are hideaways that invite you to play, have fun and share. Garden parties, where young and old organize and celebrate together, are pure joy, which one does not have to do without in any phase of life.

For an age-appropriate restructuring one should ask oneself early, which kind of the use is important to one in the future. Which jobs are still fun, which will be too difficult or will be even more difficult in the long run? Can the kitchen garden be converted into a raised bed and who mows the lawn?

The garden of the LebensPhasenHaus is therefore specially adapted to the needs of the older generation, but it could also have been created with a sandpit, swing and football pitch, so that over the years it could successively adapt to the changed conditions of use of its residents.

A juneberry, hydrangeas, grasses and shrubs welcome residents and guests in the front garden - the house's calling card - and accompany them along the ramp, which guarantees barrier-free access. A spacious terrace forms the central area of the cosy living garden, which is structured by wall elements and native hedge woods. The shrub beds are planted with easy-care species and the espalier apples can be harvested easily by young and old. The ladling fountain serves as a cooling water basin on hot days - an attractive eye-catcher. The wheelchair-accessible raised bed enables the comfortable and back-friendly cultivation of fresh vegetables and herbs. Function and aesthetics are perfectly combined here in a harmonious barrier-free overall concept.

The green is particularly easy to care for thanks to technical innovations such as the Automover, an "electronic sheep" that always ensures a perfectly cut lawn, an integrated irrigation system that eliminates the need to carry heavy watering cans, and a sophisticated lighting system that not only ensures optimum safety but also a romantic evening atmosphere. Thus, this garden still offers full enjoyment even in old age and ensures a high quality of life.

It was built by trainees from eight gardening and landscaping companies in the region under the leadership of the Zanger company in Hechingen. The planning department of the company Garten-Moser in Reutlingen was responsible for the design of this garden complex.

The listing of all recognized specialized enterprises, which are organized in the federation garden, landscape and sports field construction Baden-Wuerttemberg registered association, helps with the search for the correct experts with beautiful ideas and concepts for unusual gardens. An early and thoughtful planning provides for real recovery and genuine benefit.

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Industrie- und Handelskammer Reutlingen
Ernst-Simon-Straße 10
72072 Tübingen

Industrie- und Handelskammer Reutlingen
P.O. Box 1944
72709 Reutlingen

phone +49 7121 201 0
fax +49 7121 201 4120

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Reutlingen (CCI Reutlingen)

Who we are

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Reutlingen (CCI Reutlingen) is located in southern Germany close to Stuttgart. The Reutlingen region is home to around 49,000 businesses and companies. Rooting in the textile and mechanical engineering industry, the region has developed into a high-tech area, specializing in biotechnology, medical engineering as well as information and communication technologies. The CCI Reutlingen is a customer-focused service provider promoting business success.

What we do

Keep informed! – Learn about marketing strategies, market entry strategies and financing possibilities for your business. We also provide information services including country-specific consulting and initial legal advice for your business.
Keep connected! – Become a member in one of our networks and participate in events and networking opportunities.
Keep up to date! – Get the latest business news.

The LebensPhasenHaus

In the LPH project it also represents the overall interests all Chamber of Commerce and Industry member companies in Baden-Württemberg. The IHK Reutlingen has been a partner from the very beginning in developing and implementing of the vision of a LebensPhasenHaus for Baden-Wuerttemberg.

In the eyes of the IHK Reutlingen, the application and testing of technical assistance systems, also referred to as AAl (Ambient Assisted Living) technology, presents chances for companies in the region. AAL technology is viewed as a market of the future both at home and abroad.

The LPH project provides ample demonstration of how the exchange of information between research and commerce can be successfully designed for rapid knowledge transfer. One of the central tasks of the IHK Reutlingen is to promote such contacts between commerce and research.

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RIDI Leuchten GmbH
Hauptstraße 31-33
72417 Jungingen

Tel. 07477 872-0

RIDI Group

Light is life. At RIDI, we do everything we can to make light more individual, safer and more sustainable. In this sense, the LebensPhasenHaus in Tübingen is for us a project with great radiant power. With regard to "light and health" and "light at an old age", we consider this to be a great opportunity to gain new insights that can be of benefit to the people from the area of Tübingen and beyond. In addition to the interesting cooperation with other partners and the proximity to the University of Tübingen, the LebensPhasenHaus for us is also a very exciting project with regard to the aspect of "living in the future". It is a good opportunity to gather new experiences in order to constantly improve and further develop our products so we can offer our customers through all phases in Life the optimum lighting solution.

Our services in the LebensPhasenHaus

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Night light with color control (RGB): for a healthy awake/sleep rhythm
  • Integrated floor guide in RGB: Light channel from bedroom to bathroom
  • Automatic night light control for orientation: LED strips next to the door frame to the bathroom
  • "Artificial horizon and perpendicularity": integrated light strip in the door frame for orientation
  • Surface mounted luminaire Norea in living room and kitchen. Luminaire with clear form and high-quality materials with white-white control (Tunable White: Lighting control for optimized adaptation to the rhythm of people's lives, controllable between 3000 and 6500 Kelvin)
  • EBRE recessed luminaire in bathroom (Tunable White)
  • Predestined for illuminating high rooms: Aoca pendant luminaire in the seminar room (Tunable White)
  • VENICE built-in light strip and conductor rail, for variable arrangement of spotlights for exhibition and research purposes
  • Lighting control for automatic day/night rhythmization of residents
  • In cooperation with Somfy: Lighting switching according to pre-programmed scenarios, presence simulation by lighting/shading (vacation switching), automatic on and off switching depending on presence, centralized and decentralized control of all luminaires

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SchwörerHaus KG
Hans Schwörer Strasse 8
72531 Hohenstein/Oberstetten

Tel. 07387 16-0

SchwörerHaus KG

As a future-oriented company, SchwörerHaus has been reacting for many years to the demographic change by the option of planning and fitting barrier-free houses. Already in 2006, the first barrier-free Schwörer show house has been opened at the company's headquarters in Hohenstein-Oberstetten. “As a house building company, we do our best to elaborate and offer practicable and affordable solutions", says the Managing Director of SchwörerHaus, Johannes Schwörer. That is why the company regularly participates in joint projects and research programmes about future-oriented living and sustainable living forms. SchwörerHaus is convinced that the whole society will benefit from the results of this kind of pilot projects.

Our portfolio for the LebensPhasenHaus

  • Planning and construction of a two-storey seminar building with wooden louvre façade
  • Use of wood as an ecological material from sustainable forestry, refined to high-quality construction elements in the company’s sawmill
  • Barrier-free planning tailored to individual needs
  • Innovative solutions for a barrier-free living such as FlyingSpaces that can be stand-alone cube-shaped houses or extensions to existing buildings
  • Floor plans designs for wheelchair accessible houses for easy movement across large surfaces, doorways without thresholds and wide doors
  • Planning of wheelchair accessible bathrooms and kitchens including individual interior fittings
  • High energy efficiency thanks to the components of the Schwörer energy saving technology – a coherent system
  • Clean and healthy air thanks to a controlled ventilation system
  • Healthy living by the use of non-toxic and certified materials for interior fittings
  • Tailor-made security packages such as fingerprint door openers
  • Living comfort by the use of intelligent home automation components such as CO2 control for the ventilation system

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Somfy GmbH
Felix-Wankel-Strasse 50
72108 Rottenburg / Neckar

Tel. 07472 930-495

Somfy GmbH

As the worldwide market leader in motors and controls for roller shutters, sun protection, garage doors and gates as well as pioneer in the Smart Home segment, Somfy is responding to the challenges of demographic change by providing intelligent solutions for a safe, comfortable and age-appropriate life in a familiar environment.

With the conviction that modern technologies can improve people's quality of life in all phases of life, we have very consciously decided to participate in the project LebensPhasenHaus. In this way, the interaction of actuators, sensors and software can be demonstrated and the associated contribution to self-determined aging can be experienced in dignity.

Our contributions in the LebensPhasenHaus

  • The Smart Home System TaHoma® Premium enables intuitive and convenient control of the entire home technology from a single source - whether at the table, on the sofa, in bed or on the move
    • Personal comfort scenarios facilitate everyday life
    • Everyday tasks are made easier and forgotten tasks are completed at the push of a button
    • Presence simulations to protect against burglars in case of absence
    • Immediate notification in case of burglary or dangerous situations
    • Relatives are informed about abnormal routine deviations
    • Access to the entire home technology via tablet, smartphone or PC
  • Radio motors facilitate opening and closing of roller shutters and garage door
  • Sensors protect against overheated rooms in summer and at the same time detect damage as well as emergency and dangerous situations
  • Automatic lighting solutions minimize the risk of falls
  • Smoke detectors, opening detectors, motion detectors and indoor and outdoor cameras protect against burglary and dangerous situations
  • Automatic access system for front door and side door increases mobility
  • Alarm system Home Keeper for home and garden security and effective burglary protection thanks to indoor and outdoor sirens

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Stadtwerke Tübingen GmbH
Eisenhutstraße 6
72072 Tübingen

Tel.: +49 7071 157-0


Stadtwerke Tübingen GmbH

As a municipal utility company, the well-being of the people in Tübingen and the region is particularly important to us. Our business divisions are represented in almost all areas of daily life for residents of Tübingen. And people in the region can benefit from our services in all phases of life. We are particularly interested in actively shaping Tübingen's future and promoting innovation and are pleased that through our role in the LebensPhasenHaus project, we can contribute to developing new, innovative and sustainable solutions for people in all phases of their lives in the fields of communication, energy, mobility and security.

Our contributions in the LebensPhasenHaus

  • Efficient multi-unit feed-in into the house for electricity, water and telecommunications
  • Broadband connection via fiber optic FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) or FTTD (Fiber-to-the-desk) enables interference-free use of high bit-rate applications in communications and entertainment such as video streaming, telemedicine, e-learning, home office and much more as well as ambient assisted living systems
  • 4k camera surveillance in real time and highest resolution, images of the property can be transmitted here - to yourself or to a control room/station such as the control room of the swt.
  • With the help of an intelligent electricity meter/smart meter you always have an overview of the electricity consumption: Electricity is consumed when it is generated, for example with your own PV system. This relieves stress on the power grid and saves money.
  • Information on electricity consumption can provide information about the condition of the residents. If consumption is constantly low, this may be an indication that residents are in need of aid. If it is constantly high, this may be an indication that the hob has been left on unintentionally.
  • E-charging station in the garage for charging the e-bike or electric car
  • Energy efficiency information and consulting onsite

swt photo

Universitätsklinikum Tübingen
Geissweg 3
72076 Tübingen

Tel. 07071 29-0

University Hospital of Tübingen

Founded in 1805, the University Hospital of Tübingen (UKT) is one of the 33 university hospitals in Germany that contribute to the successful combination of high-performance medicine, research and teaching.

The Geriatric Centre at the UKT has been formed by a cooperation of five institutions since 1994. In addition to the University Hospital of Medicine, the University Hospital for Neurology, the University Hospital for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, the Hospital for Tropical Medicine Paul-Lechler-Krankenhaus and the Clinic for Physical Rehabilitation Bad Sebastiansweiler are also part of the network. Geriatric teams have been created in all facilities to ensure the care of patients. They consist of physicians, social workers, nursing staff, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

The main task of the Geriatric Centre is to optimise geriatric care, to organise geriatric research projects and further training for UKT staff and external cooperation partners (such as nursing homes, registered doctors, etc.) and to coordinate the cooperation of the entire network. Within the framework of the geriatric science platform HELP, the Geriatric Centre has for years been researching the factors that are important for living independently at home for longer. There have been international initiatives such as KORANET to clarify the needs and benefits of technical aids in old age. Psychological and medical assessments are used to clarify whether elderly, frail people can use modern online technologies when these are offered in age-appropriate apps on tablet PCs (SONIA and TABLU). Numerous studies on dementia and depression have been continued, including REDALI-DEM and ergotherapy for Alzheimer's dementia.

The CareMi and KRISTINA projects investigate culturally sensitive factors for the care of Turkish migrants in Germany. From 2015 to 2018, a virtual agent was developed that takes this information into account and also includes emotional components.

In the LebensPhasenHaus lectures and information on medical and geriatric topics are offered. In cooperation with the municipal network "Dementia - among us", 50plus prevention services are regularly offered. The four pillars are medical prevention, healthy nutrition, exercise and social participation in and outside the home. The LPH offers an ideal space for encounters in which special disabilities such as paralysis or hearing and visual impairments can be simulated even with an age simulation suit. Courses are offered for relatives in home care (nursing technology) but also home aids such as a home emergency call system or stair lifts and barrier dismantling.

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Additional Supporters: Gretsch-Unitas | Herrmann + Co. GmbH | Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH | Kemmlit Bauelemente GmbH | Leoba GmbH | Rainpro Vertriebs-GmbH | tielsa GmbH | Geberit Vertriebs GmbH | Hörmann KG Verkaufsgesellschaft