What does the LebensPhasenHaus offer?

Look at it, pick it up and try it out. Discuss it, criticise it and develop it further. Inform, but also innovate – as a user, as a manufacturer or service provider, as a payer or employee. The LebensPhasenHaus unites partners from business and science, politics and society. It brings people together who work together on solutions for the future. It is a competence centre for healthy and independent living into old age.

Innovations are created in the LebensPhasenHaus in large international research projects, in small workshops attended by regional trades, or in development projects by medium-sized enterprises from the medical technology, pharmacy or electrical industries. Whether design-thinking seminars by social enterprises and co-creation workshops with smaller focus groups or extensive evaluation projects with several hundred participants. Whether projects on barrier-free design, or the development of new business models, digital platforms and service innovations for the so-called "silver economy", or acceptance studies of avatars in health care or the use of artificial intelligence for better diagnostics.

The spectrum of services ranges from technology transfer from science and transdisciplinary basic research to the further development of existing applications in a variety of areas: e.g. health and care, communication and qualification, security and comfort, energy and mobility. Whether invention or market development – a multitude of things can be realized in and around the LebensPhasenHaus.