In the LebensPhasenHaus, political players from the federal, state and regional levels, as well as employees from local and county administrations, gather information on the latest state of research and on concrete solutions for acute challenges in the areas of social, care and health policy as well as economic, research and innovation policy. Questions of municipal policy and regional development can be discussed and (further) developed in community workshops and at round-tables with the stakeholders of political programmes. In addition, the LebensPhasenHaus is used to inform the general public about existing assistance and counselling services or to explain changes in legislation. At international symposia, European research co-operations or through visits by foreign delegations, state, district and local administrations can learn not only about good practice, but also about errors in implementation processes in other countries and develop sustainable partnerships with administrations abroad that are confronted with similar challenges.

  • What challenges posed by digitalisation and demographic change does society face?
  • What is the expected impact on the health and care system?
  • How must education and qualification systems be further developed?
  • What solutions and political programmes are needed?