[Workshop] Guest of the Lebensphasenhaus - Workshop "Local Governance and Public Well-Being"

[Workshop] Guest of the Lebensphasenhaus - Workshop "Local Governance and Public Well-Being"

With scientific and civil society representatives from Petrozavodsk and Tübingen.

On 4 July 2019 several events of the workshop "Local Governance and Public Well-Being" took place in the Lebensphasenhaus.

The workshop focused on the question of civil society participation in the production of public welfare, using the twin cities of Tübingen and Petrosavodsk as examples. The LebensPhasenHaus not only provided the framework, but also a living example of the networking of the various actors involved from science, civil society, politics and business. The workshop participants were correspondingly enthusiastic about the concept and implementation of the LebensPhasenhaus.

Background to the workshop: In 2016, a first workshop with participants from the twin cities Petrozavodsk and Tübingen resulted in a joint scientific publication on local politics as well as activities and plans for further cooperation at the interface between science and civil society. The aim was and is to jointly explore and reflect on the processes of local welfare production and the role of civil society and, if necessary, to develop strategies on how these decision-making processes can be shaped in a participatory way in order to promote social innovation.