Our society is not only becoming older, more colourful and more diverse, but also more mobile and more digital. This brings with it new challenges, but also opens up many opportunities: new services and business models, new forms of organisation and employment opportunities. The aim: to live as long and active, healthy and self-determined a life as possible.

In the LebensPhasenHaus we work on solutions so that as many of us as possible can actually achieve this ideal. We inform and have discussions: about barrier-free living and intelligent home control, about preventative lighting systems, about accessible kitchens with automatic stove shut-off or other technical assistance systems, from stair lifts to assistive care beds to complete, pre-installed prefabricated housing modules (FlyingSpace). We also collect: feedback, criticism and many suggestions, which we anonymise, analyse scientifically and pass on as valuable information for research and society, politics and business.

Are you interested in participating? We are constantly looking for volunteers and test persons who would like to take part in surveys and studies. Bring yourself and your ideas and wishes, your experiences and thoughts directly into the innovation process. Help design the process in order to avoid producing products and services that do not find their way onto the market. In this way good solutions can go where they are needed: to the people.

We are also always on the lookout for Senior Technology Advisors; people who enjoy sensitising others to the topics of "Smart Home & Living" or "Living in place" and who, in guided tours through the LebensPhasenHaus, can present the concrete solutions to typical everyday challenges facing carers and their charges.

Or perhaps you would just like to gather some information and receive answers to these questions:

  • What difficulties do you face in everyday life (e.g. as a carer)?
  • What help is already available?
  • What other services would you like to have?
  • What should you look out for when it comes to "living in place"?

Look at it, touch it and try it out. Ask questions and join in the discussion. Feel free to help design and innovate. Because innovations are made by people for people.

We look forward to your visit in Tübingen, e.g. on Fridays from 1 p.m. 5 p.m.